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Four days before ATL in Manila aka my birthday! Omg I'm so excited I can't even!! Hahaha!

Anyway, I had lunch with family today as a little advanced celebration for my 16th. Everyone's excited for Kuya's wedding so we started looking/buying possible outfits for the event, starting off with the mother of the groom. It took her forever to find the right pair of shoes! My brother got pissed 'cause he really wanted to see a movie but it was already late and we both have something to do for school (which I don't think he cares about). Oh how I hate Mondays... but, on the bright side, I will be seeing one of my closest hs friends! Hihihi!



Drowning Equilibriums: Big Birthday Giveaway!

Drowning Equilibriums: Big Birthday Giveaway!: I know it's super delayed, but here's my birthday giveaway finale--finally!!! It's also a great way to start the new month don't you think?:...


Tats My Body

Hola Amigas!

I'm back after a three-month hiatus! I've been very busy since college started and I think this second term will be  more challenging. What sucks more than long breaks and late dismissals? It takes me two hours to get home from school, and three if it's rush-hour. And what I hate the most about long breaks is that I tend to eat and eat since there's nothing to do (yet). But, idk I think long breaks will very helpful to do stuff when hell weeks come.

Anyway, below is an essay I wrote for our Englcom class during the first term. It's an extended definition essay about tattoos and piercings. You might think that it's not really related to fashion but as many of you know, tattoos and piercings are already used as fashion statements nowadays. And honestly, there's a part of me that pushes me to get one. But when I think of it being forever on my skin, it might just be a big regret.

If ever I get one (I'm not saying I will, but if ever), I want it to very simple, maybe a word, a statement or a symbol. I also want it somewhere it's not obvious hahaha!

 Took this because Harry Potter is my childhood. I also believe that every story has a happy ending.
My fifth tattoo.
Done by Sami Yrjölä, Orivesi, Finland.

(all photos from:


God created all men equal. This is what they say and what we believe in. We might have differences but despite these, we were all created in His image thus making us all similar at a point. But, no matter how strong our beliefs are, admit it that we all have the desire to outshine and own the spot light. As ways to express individuality and uniqueness in our modern society today, tattoos and piercings are becoming continuously popular especially to teenagers - from a simple ear piercing and a single star on the nape to multiple piercings and tattoos all over the body. Although the thought of being poked on skin by sharp needles repeatedly may seem nonsense for others, for people who endure all these intense pains, tattoos and piercings are something meaningful.

Tattoo is defined as an act or practice of marking the skin with indelible patterns, pictures, legend, and the like. Other than that, it also means a signal for soldiers or sailors to go to their quarters (Tattoo Definition, n.d.).  Meanwhile, according to (2006), body piercing is when a hole is made in your skin or through a part of your body so you can add a piece of jewelry or decoration. However, tattoos and piercings are more than just being a three-dimensional body art. They used to have purpose in the society as a way of identifying but eventually turned out to be just a cool fad today.
Through the years, the essence of tattoos and piercings has evolved. In some cultures, they used to signify one’s rank or status in society. For Egypt, they were used for women a lot of the time. The grouping of dots and line showed if they were royalties and priestess. In Polynesia, the tattoos symbolize their spiritual power and life force.  Likewise, in Samoa, the tattoos were given to young chiefs during the onset of puberty to symbolize their ability to move on to a more leadership oriented role. However in ancient Greece in Rome, only the slaves and servants get tattoos.  For a long time, tattoos were only reserved for sailors and criminals. They were a sign of loyalty to a specific group or gang or even symbolize how many people one has killed (Tattoo History, n.d.).
In this modern age, tattoos and piercings have taken on a relatively secular meaning. While some still retain age-old intricacy and significance, many are more spontaneous and vapid. For example, many find importance in the symbolic representation of lovers or the deceased. Often their names, birthdates, pictures and other manifestations are scrolled or depicted in their memory. In other instances, many tattoos are so detailed in their artistry, that they become a true testament to the craftsmanship involved in bringing this body portrait to life. These unique pieces of art would take the span of years to think out and complete as if painting the Sistine Chapel itself on a patch of skin.
On the other hand, there are the few who take the old tradition of tattoos and make a mockery of them. They have evolved, or essentially “devolved” into form of lower back tattoos or “tramp stamps.” These tattoos are generally seen on loose or very young. They only exist because the wearer either wanted one or thought it would be attractive, or in a fit of belligerence, it was a drunken mistake. In other words, there are those who have taken the sacred art of the tattoo and transformed it into a tacky and meaningless piece of body art.
Although the real essence of tattoos and piercings has vanished, the fact still remains that people practice tattoos and piercings to show uniqueness. But, these do not signify one’s real personality and individuality. To be different is not something you should force yourself to be. It’s all about being yourself as you are. 


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