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Tomorrow Does Exist

Hooray! It's not yet the end of the world!! Haha anyway, it has been a week since my last lb post. So here, my summer-ender outfit. This is the first time I curled my hair and I found out that it's not easy doing so. It takes skills! But I think curly hair doesn't really suit me (or the circular shape of my face). I don't know, but I still prefer straight.

Apple Green Headband - Sister's  |  Circular Sunnies - Thrifted  |  Loose Top - Bayo  |  Yellow Belt - Thrifted  |  Stripes Shorts -  DIY  |  Brown Bag - SM DS  |  Lace-Ups - SM DS

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Trivia: that bench is actually made out of our vintage dining chairs!

Last three days of summer already. How fast! I feel like graduation was just a week ago and here I am still not prepared for college. What a very unproductive summer I had. Some people would enroll to summer classes, join workshops or have a summer job. Me? Well I spent most of my time lying in front of my laptop - facebook twitter tumblr twitter lookbook read blogs tongits twitter lookbook  read blogs twitter tongits. Yes, that is my everyday life. That's why somehow, I look forward to the 25th. Not only because of meeting new friends but also to start saving so I can shop 'til I drop! Haha! 

Anyways, my blog giveaway is ending tonight, 9pm. Some people reblogged and tweeted but did not leave a comment on the post. Sorry but I can't consider those :( Be sure to follow instructions properly. I have few more giveaways to come so stay tuned!

PS. Photoshop experimentation is going on so sorry if the first photo is an outcast.



"Shoes-maryosep" - 'susmaryosep' is a Filipino phrase, originally referring to Jesus, Mary and Joseph often used as an expression of surprise, amazement or utter disbelief. (

Well you will really have to say "Shoes-maryosep!" when you see the awesomeness of these Jeffrey Campbell Shoes! I'm dying to get a pair for myself but there's only air inside my wallet :( I guess I really have to start bigtime saving now.

Check out my top five fave:

Saw this in one of the recent looks of Camille Co. Fab!

This is actually my number 1 fave! I wish I could at least fit them :(

Haaaaay how I wish I all have them in my closet but each pair costs around $170 (Php7000) so maybe I should be contented with just having them on my blog lol. But soon I gotta get a pair, targeting my top fave! (hmmm I wonder when) Hahaha you, which one do you have your eyes on?

Looking Vintage in Brown and Florals

Will start posting outfit posts today. Although these looks are from weeks ago, I still want them here hahahah so forgive me.

Sorry for the awkwardness of my face :-)

DIY Headband,Ray-Ban Vintage Sunnies, Bayo Knitted Top, Freebie Belt, F21 Floral Skorts, Folli Follie Brown Leather Bag, F21 Socks, Rusty Lopez Suede Pumps

Read more about this on my original post on tumblr:


Call of Bohol

I can probably say that our Bohol experience was indeed the highlight of my summer! It is such a wonderful paradise that we, Filipinos, should take care of. 

It was raining when we island hopped but what can we do? We only had 3 days to explore everything and not a single second was to be wasted!

First stop: Dolphin Watching! It was too hard to spot the dolphins so once you do, you should keep an eye and start following them! 

I love this photograph but I was just very nervous for the boatman. 
Just one huge wave and he might fall.

After the dolphin adventure, we went snorkling at the Balicasag Island and then headed to the Virgin Island, which I immediately fell in love with. Soooo beautiful!!

There were many historical places in Bohol and we've got to visit some.
Love this photo as well. I think it's perfect! My brother and his girl look cute together. ♥ 
(Taken at the Baclayon Church, the oldest church in the country - 1595)

Also had a Banana Boat ride. I really wanted the Fly Fish but only 3 persons can ride at the same price.

Striking a pose at the hanging bridge.

Bohol Beach Club

Omg we saw this korean couple having their pre-nup photoshoot with no photographer, only tripod. So cute!! I couldn't help their sweetness so I just sat there and watched them! ♥

Although they are not clearly visible on thi picture, 'Chocolate Hills' is an automatic thought when we speak of Bohol. Amazing! 

Bohol is an evidence that the Philippines, truly, is a blessed country. Our only task is to take care of all the wonders God had given us. In line with this, I would like to ask a favor from you guys. Please support the NO TO MINING IN PALAWAN CAMPAIGN by signing this petition: 

As of today, May 14, 1049840 people have already signed. But let us continue our support and spread the love to our Mother Earth!  

Amis au revoir!


First Blog Post = First Blog Giveaway!

Hi people of the world! I'm Joyce and today I will officially start real blogging. Well I just wanna share the reasons why I have decided to blog:

1. I was inspired by the country's top fashion bloggers like Tricia, Camille and Cheyser. Seriously guys, they are amazing!

2. I was hesitating at first because I was worrying that no one will read my blog and no one will care about the stuff that I will be posting in the future (though I'm quite sure that my besties, Ariana and Anne, will at least view my blog hehehe), but then there's nothing wrong with trying hahahah.

3. One of the reasons why I don't blog is that I don't have the best camera. I want my blog to look nice too so I will have to ask my kuya to take pictures of stuff (of course he won't lend it to me). Hassle, right? 

So to give a yehey welcome to myself, I've decided to host my very first blog giveaway on my very first blog post!

Why am I giving these? 1. I own a online shop but I think I have to close it as soon as school starts (which is this month). 2. If the shorts only fit me... :( 3. My family always teases me whenever I'm wearing cropped tops so... 

Anyways, you have 2 options of joining, just follow the steps below:

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You can choose either OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 or BOTH. ONE OPTION = ONE ENTRY. So if you choose to join both in tumblr and twitter, you will have TWO ENTRIES (MAXIMUM - note that you are allowed to join once in tumblr AND once in twitter).

The contest will run from May 14, 2011, 9AM to May 21, 2011, 9PM. 
Two winners are to be selected using and will be posted on May 22, 2011 on my blog. They will also be announced via twitter and tumblr.
This contest is open to Philippines only (unless you are willing to pay for the shipment abroad).

That's it! Adios amigos!
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