Call of Bohol

I can probably say that our Bohol experience was indeed the highlight of my summer! It is such a wonderful paradise that we, Filipinos, should take care of. 

It was raining when we island hopped but what can we do? We only had 3 days to explore everything and not a single second was to be wasted!

First stop: Dolphin Watching! It was too hard to spot the dolphins so once you do, you should keep an eye and start following them! 

I love this photograph but I was just very nervous for the boatman. 
Just one huge wave and he might fall.

After the dolphin adventure, we went snorkling at the Balicasag Island and then headed to the Virgin Island, which I immediately fell in love with. Soooo beautiful!!

There were many historical places in Bohol and we've got to visit some.
Love this photo as well. I think it's perfect! My brother and his girl look cute together. ♥ 
(Taken at the Baclayon Church, the oldest church in the country - 1595)

Also had a Banana Boat ride. I really wanted the Fly Fish but only 3 persons can ride at the same price.

Striking a pose at the hanging bridge.

Bohol Beach Club

Omg we saw this korean couple having their pre-nup photoshoot with no photographer, only tripod. So cute!! I couldn't help their sweetness so I just sat there and watched them! ♥

Although they are not clearly visible on thi picture, 'Chocolate Hills' is an automatic thought when we speak of Bohol. Amazing! 

Bohol is an evidence that the Philippines, truly, is a blessed country. Our only task is to take care of all the wonders God had given us. In line with this, I would like to ask a favor from you guys. Please support the NO TO MINING IN PALAWAN CAMPAIGN by signing this petition: 

As of today, May 14, 1049840 people have already signed. But let us continue our support and spread the love to our Mother Earth!  

Amis au revoir!

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  1. Hi Joyce I have to say, you've shot great photos! on your trip! We had a great time in Bohol too, we did the zipline in Loboc and twas a great if you are brave enough you can try the Zipline in Danao,Bohol. We also went to Balicasag Island its off Panglao with great corals and turtles. If you are diving this one is good too.


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