"Shoes-maryosep" - 'susmaryosep' is a Filipino phrase, originally referring to Jesus, Mary and Joseph often used as an expression of surprise, amazement or utter disbelief. (

Well you will really have to say "Shoes-maryosep!" when you see the awesomeness of these Jeffrey Campbell Shoes! I'm dying to get a pair for myself but there's only air inside my wallet :( I guess I really have to start bigtime saving now.

Check out my top five fave:

Saw this in one of the recent looks of Camille Co. Fab!

This is actually my number 1 fave! I wish I could at least fit them :(

Haaaaay how I wish I all have them in my closet but each pair costs around $170 (Php7000) so maybe I should be contented with just having them on my blog lol. But soon I gotta get a pair, targeting my top fave! (hmmm I wonder when) Hahaha you, which one do you have your eyes on?




  2. I love all the shoes <3<3

  3. love the first one, and the one in camille co's recent looks, the 3rd on your top 5 list, the 2nd from the start, and the leopard with many straps. i love them all though. i just can't imagine walking in the 13th shoe!

    p.s. hi joy

  4. I also want to own those kinds of shoes!!!!!

    Anyway, I'm also new at fashion blogging.
    Can you please follow me through GFC and reblog my 1st giveaway too? I would really appreciate it.
    THANKS! :D

  5. Joyce dear! We have some of the Jeffrey C shoes on Shop Dainty for waaaaaaay less :)

    ♥ Erika


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